Dr. Donna BeEgle!

A large part of Mama’s former life was to find people and professionals to come to Conferences about Childcare, Child Development, and Family Advancement Support.  That is how I first came across Dr. Donna Beagle!

Her personal story is inspiring and unique.  But the situation she rose from is more common than people sometimes want to acknowledge.  In the land of opportunity?  Everyone is not born with a silver spoon?  Many people have to make their own way and find the strength, courage and resolve to survive not just for themselves but, their Families.

I met Dr. Beegle years ago at the PCANNY(Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect New York) and I was inspired by her story and work to educate and provide struggling Families with tools to the bonds of Generational Poverty.  By providing financial literacy tools and knowledge that teach people to thrive no matter what their circumstances.  

With all of the financial insecurity being shared across the country today? Donna Beegle was the 1st person I thought of to share her vast knowledge and experiences with everyone!  Her decades-long fight against generational poverty may be personally over as a Best-selling author.  But she is still working to make things better for all!  Thank you Donna for giving Mamasposts.com permission to share this video.  And stay tuned for the follow-up later this week after checking out her organization Communication Across Barriers!