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As a single mother, former teacher, supervisor, center director, professional trainer, and child/family advocate for over 25+ years.  Dianne Galante fought for real change, respect and empowerment by utilizing the systems of support meant for/to elevate families!

Life is about taking on challenges.  And there is no bigger challenge than being a Mama!  Waking up everyday fully believing you cannot win the fight but, you’re getting in the ring! That was me entering the workforce with wide-eyed optimism,  fierce tenacity, and a little one depending on me.  I understood the NEED to listen to Moms especially! Though my optimism was sometimes replaced by frustration.  And engaging daily with positions of power, funders, decision-makers, etc was not easy. Getting them to LISTEN to what I heard was my mission that never went incomplete!  Providing real feedback about what it takes to truly support parents as they navigated the daily challenges of raising children.

Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do working in a not-for-profit dependent upon systems of government for funding! Stagnancy and survival began to change the playing field.  More often than not the stakeholders already had a predetermined solution that often missed the mark but, kept the lights on!  Parents were rarely asked to participate in the conversation, minimized or relegated to a photo op. And kids?  What about the kids? was born of that fire, and passion that has burned in me since as long as I can remember. A promise made to my younger self, to be a part of the solution! is a platform for Mamas, parents, and family members to learn directly from Professional Mamas, Child advocates and parents just like you!  To be inspired, organized, valued, and strengthened by the community! 

A judgment-free space for parents to come for realistic practical solutions, wisdom, community, and genuine support for families! A one-stop-shop for tips with everything that affects our ability as parents to be our best selves. Tips on parenting, health and nutrition, child development, home organization, money matters, and more! 

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